Hi and welcome to my new blog! No shushing required.

Although technology is not my middle name I will endeavour to be as tech savvy as is needed but words are my forte so let’s run with that 

Week 1:  

Off and flying with reading and responding to first forum activity on the theories of Piaget, Vygotsky and Erikson!  Such amazing thought processes here.  Also mapping out my plan of attack for the 4 professional development activities.  I’m attempting the following

  • observe and document a program delivered for children or young adults at a local library, reflect on the experience
  • Interview a child and/or youth services librarian and give a description and reflection of the interview
  • Create a picture book and describe the experience in your blog (very excited about this one)
  • Learn how to use a new tool, software, or game and write about your experience (hmmm me and coding)

Exciting times ahead.  The poor NAPLAN results have provided an incentive for all INF330 students to discover the possibilities of what our research can deliver and offer the future learners.